Léopold Joseph Flameng (1831-1911) 

Léopold Joseph Flameng (1831-1911) 

Léopold Flameng (1831-1911)

Léopold Flameng : The spring 




Léopold Joseph Flameng (1831-1911)

Léopold Joseph Flameng : The spring (from the cabinet of M. Le Cte Duchâtel)


Interpretation etching after a painting by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867), published in “La Gazette des Beaux Arts”, 1862, volume XII”, page 14. Printed by Drouart in Paris.

Etching on china paper pasted on a strong white vellum sheet

Dimensions of the sheet : H. 390 mm x W. 295 mm – Dimensions of the china paper : H. 275 mm x W. 174 mm – Dimensions of the subject : H. 185 mm x W. 95 mm


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