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Auguste Desperet (1804-1865)

Auguste Desperet or Desperret (Lyon, 1804 – Paris, 1865), was a French wood engraver, draftsman, lithographer and art collector. He arrived very early in Paris where he became a student of Guillaume Lethière (1760-1832). From 1831 to 1840, he contributed to the newspapers La Caricature and Charivari, satirical illustrated newspapers directed by Charles Philipon (1800-1862),

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Simone Cantarini (1612-1648)

Simone Cantarini also known as Simone da Pesaro or Il Pesarese, born on April 12, 1612 in Pesaro in the present region of Marche, and died very young in Verona in 1648 at the age of 36 years, is an Italian painter and baroque engraver of the Bolognese school. Simone Cantarini was first a student

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